Video and photography

Our production team creates quality, commercial photo & video content custom to your brand. We are visual storytellers devoted to producing innovative content that resonates with your audience. Whether it’s video or photo production for social media, digital ads, website, lifestyle publishing, our team will work with you to create innovative marketing content that will create impact.

building efficient content

Using high quality, professional images or video are a direct reflection of your brand. Sure, we all have cell phones that do a pretty good job. But let’s face it. Digital media consumers want to look at pretty pictures and dynamic content. Blurry, none captivating content will produce less than desirable results. We ensure all your content will have amazing imagery, sound, smooth transitions and captioning that will have your audience engaging on a consistent basis.

from brief to reality

We pride ourselves on being boots on the ground for consistent content capture. Things are changing month-to-month so it is important we are onsite or in your office to capture the magic. You will work with the same crew eliminating the pain of  trying to explain your style and brand standards to different people each and every time. 

Before each shoot, the brief will have elements from our discovery meeting and initial strategy. Here is a breakdown of sections we consider before we capture content:

  1. Project overview & objectives
  2. What is the single most important idea to convey?
  3. What is the personality and style we need to convey?
  4. Examples or motivation from other brands?
  5. Target audience
  6. Schedule
  7. Model requirements
  8. Mood board
  9. Shot List
  10.  Deliverables. Total amount of pictures & video. 

The brief will then be shared with our client for approval. Fully edited content will come back to the client, social media, and digital advertising teams within 5–7 business days.

market with a ROI?