Website design

Our highly skilled team of developers consistently produces high functioning, fast loading, user friendly, and true-to-design interactive applications and websites to bring your message to your target audience. Through modern responsive website development best practices, we bring your website to life on all mobile and desktop devices while consistently testing functionality across modern browsers and devices.

building efficient websites and landing pages

We know first impressions count when it comes to your brand and its services. A website is still the number one landing spot for your clients to get a full picture of your company, culture and offering. 
Because we have started a strong strategy with amazing content, we want all your leads to land in one place where your audience can make an informed decision. This is why we adopt a HUB and SPOKE model to your site. That is, with all leads coming from your digital ads and social media (SPOKE), we want to make sure they convert to a CTA (Call To Action)—A call, form fill, or download from your site (HUB).

from brief to reality

Before we start your social media and digital advertising campaigns, we audit and assess your website to ensure a seamless user experience from your lead flow strategy (Digital Advertising & Social Media). We will either recommend tweaks or consider a brand new site that will stand for years to come.

Your website will take shape after considering some key objectives:

  1. Defining your Audience. Who is your site for?
  2. Defining the purpose of your site. Is it for informational purposes or to sell goods and services?
  3. What is the user experience (UX)? Is it useful, usable, findable, credible, accessible, desirable, and valuable?  Peter Morville, 7 facets of user experience design. 
  4. How is the user interface (UI)? What is the overall layout such as buttons, images, video, etc. How will people interact with it?
  5. How is it being optimized and updated?
market with a ROI?